Professional runners and gymnastics do a lot of stretching before races or competitions. Stretching helps the body to be more flexible. It is essential that everyone stretch regularly to enhance their mobility and independence. The following are the benefits of stretching.


Improves Flexibility

As the human body ages, muscles shorten and become tight. Regular stretching helps to keep muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. This is crucial for overall health and can help you perform day to day tasks with relative ease.


Increases Range of Motion

The range of motion measures the movements around the joints or body parts. Moving a joint through its full range of motion increases the freedom of movement. The range of motion can be improved through regular stretching. 


Increases Blood Flow in the Muscles

Regular stretching can improve blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation provides more oxygen to the muscles. It also increases the level of physical performance. Muscles require recovery time after weightlifting or other strenuous exercises. Recovery time allows the tissues to heal from torn out micro muscles. Increased blood flow and oxygen provide the nutrients required for healing.


Control Cholesterol

Stretching can help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the veins and arteries. Cholesterol build-up in the arteries is a result of high blood pressure. Stretching can lower blood pressure and prevent cholesterol accumulation.


Improves Posture 

Having a great body posture depends on proper muscle balance. Stretching helps to keep muscles loose, reduce musculoskeletal pain, and keep the whole body in a correct position. Stretching the back and shoulders can keep the spine in proper alignment and relieve back pains. It also reduces the tendency to slouch and gives a straight and upright posture.


Stress Relief

Stress is caused by muscle tension. Body parts like the shoulders and the neck can tighten and cause stress. Stretching while focusing on these areas can help to relieve stress. The brain also produces endorphins while stretching. These neurochemicals can help produce feelings of joy and happiness.


Reduces the Risk of Injuries

Stretching regularly can help decrease the risk of injuries. Engaging in strenuous exercises before stretching can cause injuries like tight muscles. Simple activities such as climbing stairs or getting out of bed can lead to muscle injuries. Stretching is a simple exercise that should be practiced every day to improve flexibility and improve health.