In a world that’s more health-conscious than ever, it can be challenging to remember precisely why people value good health so much in the first place. Enjoying the present to its fullest potential is an amazing perk of living healthy, but being able to live longer and enjoy as much time on Earth as possible is even better. 

Of course, there are a variety of factors involved in longevity, including many that are out of your control. However, these four steps will help anyone interested in improving their life put their health at the top of their priorities. It’s hard to believe that only a century ago, the average person was fortunate to see 50. Today, with practical methods like these, people can live longer and fuller just by implementing simple, healthy habits. 


Stop Smoking – Yes, Even E-Cigarettes

Whether it’s a cigarette, cigar or vape pen, smoking is horrible for health. Some forms of tobacco may have fewer chemicals than others, but smoking has been linked to increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer for decades. It can be a tough habit to quit, but replacing smoking with a healthier form of stress relief can extend people’s lives and protect their body’s entire organ system. 


Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Limiting sugary treats and salty snacks can help people maintain a healthy BMI, which is under 25. Some argue that being overweight does not cause health problems. Still, the fact of the matter is that research shows having a higher BMI puts people at a greater risk for a variety of ailments and diseases, regardless of their current health status. 


Stay Active

Even at home, people can lead an active lifestyle. Doing three reps of 10 jumping jacks, squats, leg lifts and planking can provide a simple workout that is even better when it’s coupled with three to five days of cardio per week. For those who find it difficult to dedicate time for a workout, breaking up their physical activities into 10 to 15-minute “mini-workouts” is an efficient strategy. 


Adopt a Health-First Mindset

Rather than being impulsive and satisfying immediate whims, people who want to live longer should consider the impact their choices today will have on their wellbeing in the future. Eating a few slices of pizza one night won’t put someone in an early grave, but consistently eating a high-fat diet with poor nutrition can reduce someone’s life expectancy. 

Although there are many factors in living a long life, you can help prioritize your health by making daily decisions that have long-term benefits.