An exercise routine can help start your day off in the right direction. Numerous studies have shown that regular physical exercise can boost your mood and performance. But how does one start an exercise routine? Can you just pick up a couple of dumbbells and start doing curls? Maybe do a dozen push-ups and pull-ups? Here are four ways on how to get a good exercise routine going. 


 Get Enough Rest

Getting enough rest the night before your exercise routine is key to allowing your mind and body to make repairs. Your muscles get tired and require rest to be able to function and grow. Make sure to get at least six hours of sleep before engaging in any rigorous exercises. 


 Eat Something Light 

 It’s common for amateur weightlifters and gym-goers to skip breakfast and go straight to their workout. Wake up early enough to have something to eat at least an hour before your workout regimen. According to studies, consuming carbohydrates before a workout gives you more energy to burn, thus improving your performance and enabling you to last longer. If you don’t eat anything, you’ll feel empty and lethargic once you start exercising. 


 Prepare Your Gear the Night Before 

Take whatever clothes and pair of shoes you intend on using and place them in an easily accessible corner. Other equipment, like your pair of earbuds and weightlifting gloves, should also be placed in the same corner. This way, you remove the temptation or reason not to get up and go work out if you can’t find your gym clothes. 


 Get an Exercise Buddy

Having an exercise buddy places you accountable for getting up on time and getting ready to go work out. You are less likely to cancel your plans if you know someone else is waiting for you by the door. This could be a family member, neighbor, or a work colleague. Regardless of who you bring, make sure they are up to the workout regimen that you plan on executing. 


The specific workouts you include in your routine will be dependent on your fitness goals. Someone looking to gain weight will have a different routine as someone who is trying to lose weight. It also depends on the available machinery and equipment you have on hand.