Vegetables are essential in your diet since they provide vitamin A, potassium, folic acid, and many other nutrients and vitamins. They are low in fat and calories. Eating vegetables can help people lose or maintain weight. The recommended serving for veggies is one or two cups per day for leafy greens. They can be prepared to taste more delicious when combined with other dishes. Here are seven ways to incorporate more vegetables into meals. 


Vegetables for Breakfast

Having vegetables for breakfast is not common for most people. However, this can help to reduce weight significantly compared with other breakfast meals like cereal or a fast food item. They may be combined with fruits to add more flavor and nutrients to the body and improve health. 


Eat More Veggie Soup

Vegetable soup is full of nutrients and is a great way to eat more vegetables. Research has shown that people who eat soup tend to eat fewer calories. Just by adding a small amount of greens such as broccoli, you will enrich the soup with vitamins and minerals.


Snack on Vegetables

These snacks should contain nutritional value. Eating healthy snacks between meals can help reduce your appetite before dinner. Carrots or cucumbers dipped in a small amount of hummus can make a great snack.

Children and adults alike often find chips an irresistible snack. Turning vegetables into a crunchy snack that looks like chips can encourage people to eat more vegetables. Beets, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, or kale can be baked in thin slices or leaves with a little salt to make homemade chips.


Turn Your Veggies into Noodles

Did you know you can use vegetables to make noodles? Sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini or beets can all be used to replace pasta. Veggie noodles provide the body with a lot of nutrients and fewer calories. A vegetable peeler can be used to create long noodle-like vegetables. For example, you can use a peeler on zucchini to create thin, long strands. Some people call them “zoodles.” 

You can also use spaghetti squash as replacement for noodles in lasagna and other traditional pasta dishes. Doing so will provide you with a full serving of vegetables and still give you a satisfying and tasty meal. 


Swap Lettuce for Bread

Lettuce is a great replacement for bread and wraps. It will help to reduce calories from your diet. Butter lettuce, cabbage leaves, and Lacinato kale can all be utilized as wraps. Substituting these leaves leads to higher consumption of vegetables. Another way of reducing carb intake is by replacing other flour-based products with veggies.