For many people, thinking of summer conjures up images of bonfires, cookouts, and potlucks. Many people love the season for its traditional foods. Summer classics such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and desserts, however, are often very unhealthy. Those looking to incorporate healthier lifestyle choices don’t have to give up on summer foods. The following are a few suggestions for some fun and delicious meals all season long. 


Eat More Salads


Salad is a great summer choice because it’s light, healthy, and highly customizable. They’re chock full of nutritious vegetables and very refreshing on a hot day. For more protein, add some grilled chicken. If you’re craving pasta salad but want a healthier alternative, you can create “zoodles” by shaving thin slices of zucchini and quickly sauteing them in olive oil. 


Grill Chicken and Vegetables


Are you craving the char of the grill? You don’t have to always grill red meat. Instead, you can throw on some chicken and vegetables. Zucchini, summer squash, and asparagus are all delicious when grilled. Simply toss them in a bit of olive oil and add some herbs and spices for a tasty side dish. 


Enjoy Desserts in Moderation


Summer is full of sweet treats, and it’s okay to indulge occasionally! The key is to enjoy everything in moderation. Allowing yourself a small amount of something sweet every now and then will keep you from developing a powerful craving and overindulging. 


There are also plenty of healthy alternatives available! You should be able to find low-calorie or sugar-free versions of your favorite ice cream easily. You can also try more fruit-centric deserts, such as berries with a small amount of cool-whip or a fruit salad.  


Eat More Veggies


One of the great things about summer is that there is so much fresh produce available! You may even be growing some yourself in a personal backyard garden. If not, you can often find organic produce for reasonable prices at a local farmer’s market. Not only are they fun to browse, but you’ll find plenty of delicious, in-season fruits and vegetables. Incorporate this produce into lunches and snacks. Even slicing up a tomato for a lunchtime salad could give you up to 40 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C and 20 percent of your daily vitamin A.


Eating healthy over the summer doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to delicious foods! Salads, grilled vegetables, and sweet treats in moderation are all tasty alternatives.