Since many people find themselves in sedentary occupations, exercising during their free time is essential to their physical well-being. Movement and the maintenance of muscle are indispensable to a person’s overall health. Fortunately, there are a number of activities in which people can engage that will provide them aerobic and strength exercises. However, individuals need to select those activities that will be enjoyable and satisfying to them so that they will persevere in their pursuit of good health.

There are now group fitness locations offering a range of fitness programs for various levels with some programs designed for specific muscle groups. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s president, Marjorie Albohm, has noted, “The changes in classes give people lots of variety so that they don’t get burned out.”


Strength-Training Classes

Because the military has long used strength-training, many exercise facilities borrow from the government’s programs, while adding cardio-vascular exercises to the weight training. Enrolling in classes at such facilities profits the individual because trained instructors there provide activities that reach all areas. These instructors demonstrate the correct ways to work out that will prevent straining or injuries. Also, being among others often prevents people from quitting as it adds the pleasurable element of socialization.


Dance Classes

For those who are not particularly enthused about repetitious movement on a treadmill or performing weight lifting exercises, there are the popular aerobic dance classes. With a wide variety of dances from which to select, many people find these classes pleasurable and less tedious than regular exercises. These dancing exercises benefit the cardiovascular system while also improving people’s flexibility as they find themselves moving in ways that a traditional workout would not take them. For instance, Batuka is a Brazilian form of dancing that has choreographed routines involving a full-body exercise. For the stomach muscles, belly dancing is the best choice.

High-intensity Interval Training

One way to ensure that one’s metabolism steps up is to incorporate exercise regularly into the daily routine. Both aerobic and weight-bearing routines should be part of this routine. Building muscle from weight lifting is vital because an increase in lean muscle mass speeds up resting energy expenditure. High-intensity aerobic exercises done in intervals (HIIT) involve short, but intense bursts of activity that step up a person’s metabolic rate for hours after they stop because of excess post-exercise consumption of oxygen.