Regular exercise is vital to keep your body fit and healthy. Workouts can be done in a gym, field, or even at home. Home exercises are simple and do not require a lot of equipment. You can use your body weight to exercise almost all the muscles in the human body. There are numerous workout exercises that can be carried out at home. Below are examples of easy but effective exercises to do at home.


 Lower-Body with Cardio Burnout

This exercise strengthens your lower body and legs. It includes the runners’ lunge to balance, which improves speed and agility. The corkscrew is a variation of the plank which focuses on body strength and endurance.


 High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

These exercises involve a lot of jumping. However, there are variations of this workout that strengthen the joints. It consists of lower impact moves like crab toe touches. There are other moves with a higher impact, like skater hops. These moves should be practiced with caution to avoid injuries.

Interested in trying out a HIIT cardio workout? The video below by SELF is a great option.


Full-Body Cardio

For a full-body workout, try a full-body cardio challenge. The routine involves five moves that work out the whole body from the legs, core, and shoulders. Activities in this exercise include squat pulse, tuck up, and the frogger. This circuit can be repeated as many times as possible.


Plank-Based Workout 

The plank works out the arms using just the body weight. It has variations that focus on the triceps and shoulders. The circuit starts with skaters, then push-ups, shoulder tap, and plank forearm reach. These should be followed by the plank jack and forearm plank. Perform these activities in quick succession for maximum impact.

Here is are a variety of plank exercises. This video was produced by Redefining Strength.


Abs Workout

Abs workouts are easy to do without any equipment. However, they can be strenuous and usually take about eight minutes or so. They consist of five separate exercises, including dead bug, forearm plank rock, and plank up-down. They should done back to back for about three rounds for maximum effect.


Cardio Workout for Beginners

This workout consists of three exercises; the skater, three-point toe touch, and the flutter kick. For beginners, each move can be done in 30 seconds, with intervals of the same amount of time. You can increase the intervals for more extended periods with shorter intervals for an even