Going back to school can be a stressful time for kids. It is an entirely new routine with new expectations that they were not used to in the summer months. Additionally, kids may be shifting back to more responsibility during the school year than they were at home in the summer.


Bedtime Routine


One great way to promote healthy kids when the back-to-school time rolls around is establishing bedtime routines and implementing them consistently. Set a strict time when the bedtime routine starts and allow your child enough time to bathe, brush their teeth, and put pajamas on before bed. If your child is young, consider adding in time for a short bedtime story. Be sure to keep them on track so that they are getting the same amount of sleep every night.


Healthy Lunches


Lunch is a lot of kids’ favorite time of the day, and for good reason! A healthy lunch can turn the whole day around and give your child the energy that they need to work hard at school. Be sure that you are packing a lunch with a healthy protein source so that their little bellies stay full throughout the day. Spice up your child’s water bottle by adding some sliced fruit to create natural flavor. Don’t forget to add something sweet like a small piece of chocolate or their favorite fruit.


Encourage Sports


After a full day of school, it may be difficult to persuade your child to move from the couch. However, school sports are a great way to promote healthy habits at a young age. This is a great way to get in multiple forms of exercise and keep your child feeling active and healthy. Encourage your child to pick sports that happen during different times of the year so that they always have something to look forward to.


In addition to keeping your child active, sports are also a great way to instill lifelong skills in your child including communication skills, team-building skills, and critical thinking. Whether your child is practicing for the big game day or race, they will be surrounded by other kids who are also working towards the same goal. This will also help them make lifelong friendships!