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About NatureCity

NatureCity is the brainchild of Carl and Beth Pradelli who, fed up with the opacity and mysticism of the supplement market, created the business on the platform: “If we won’t take it, we don’t make it!”

When it comes to our philosophy here at NatureCity, we abide by four basic principles: Product Quality, Transparency & Product Knowledge, Idea of Service, and Value.

Product Quality:

As supplement shoppers, Beth and Carl Pradelli know the difficulty of trying to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck with the supplements that you buy. When they decided to found NatureCity, they did so with a pledge to focus only on scientifically backed branded ingredients. 

Branded ingredients are important because one, the ingredient owners typically invest in research, and two, the brand owner has their name and reputation on the line – their name is on the bottle along with ours. At NatureCity, we select and use only the highest quality of these branded materials, rather than opting for cheaper generic extracts.  NatureCity does not look to lower costs for the company at the expense of the client. 

Transparency and Product Knowledge:

Another common frustration Carl and Beth felt while supplement shopping was the lack of transparency about what exactly you were getting with your purchase. As a result, the concept of transparency has become a core component of everything we do. Rather than giving you a cocktail of ingredients in a proprietary blend – “500mg of a combination of these five ingredients” – we list our ingredients individually so that you know exactly how much you are getting of each ingredient. 

Not only are we transparent about the composition and breakdown of our supplements, but we’re also transparent about each individual key ingredient: how we got it, who our supplier is, how it’s manufactured after harvesting, and even the country of origin. We wanted to ensure our clients do not have to rely on just a few small lines on a product label when making an important health purchase decision. We want informed clients, so we always do our best to communicate the ingredient details and research supporting potential health benefits for each ingredient. 

Idea of Good Service:

Carl and Beth Pradelli have personally experienced the frustrations of poor customer service. Like many others, they believe customer service in general has gone way downhill over the last few decades.  This is in part due to many companies opting to outsource their customer service departments. 

So Carl and Beth made a pledge to treat their clients differently. From Day One, NatureCity has had a captive client service and sales team.  The dedicated individuals are trained on our products and empowered to solve issues for clients. Never are clients transferred around the organization – whomever answers your call, will help you.   We also offer an unheard of one-year money-back guarantee on all product purchases to ensure satisfaction and give our clients ample time to put our products through a true test. 


Here at NatureCity, we value our clients, and we want to return that value to them by offering our best pricing through our Club Membership.  We offer all our clients a NatureCity Club Membership at just $39/year with no obligation. Club members enjoy an extra 25% off every purchase, free shipping on every order, free returns on any product, and a free gift (any product you choose) on your birthday. 

Through our line of products here at NatureCity, we offer over 40 carefully formulated products such as TrueAloe, AloeCran, TrueOsteo and TrueLife PB.


To learn more about how NatureCity supplements along with good nutrition decisions and a healthy active lifestyle can lead to greater overall wellbeing, check out our blog!